20 Gadgets, apps and accessories to make your running experience better #RunningWeek (part three)

11. Skulpt Aim

One of your aims in running is to help trim down your body fat and build up some muscle, the problem is that virtually no fitness tracker actually monitors your muscles to see how you’re doing. That’s where Skulpt Aim comes in. By strapping it to a particular part of your body, the device is able to detect and monitor how hard your working the muscles in question and what the muscle/fat ratio is. Running limits it slightly since you’re mostly working your legs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying attention to how hard they’re working.

Pre-order the Skulpt Aim here.

12. Lechal


When you’re running  on an unfamiliar you don’t want to have to be pulling out your phone every few minutes to keep track of where you;re supposed to be going. You could get this information sent through your headphones, but that would disturb your music. Instead you should try out Lechal, smart shoes that sync with your phones GPS app to keep track of where you’re going. The beauty about these is that it’s very subtle and unobtrusive about how it tell you where to go. If you need to change direction then one of the shoes will simply vibrate to let you know you need to turn in that direction. Plus, if you want to keep your current running shoes, it is available as an insole.

Pre-order Lechal here.

13. Nike Lunar Hyper Workout

These are shows that come bundled with Nike+ training, a programme that is filled with concentrated workouts, guidance, knowledge, and motivation. The sensors inside the shoes capture all your activity in real time, converting it into NikeFuel in the process. All you need to do is register on the Nike+ app and connect it to the shoes. The best part is that these trainers have been designed to be able to cope with the stress of sudden intensive activity, as well as interior support to protect your feet. Plus in comparison with some branded trainers on the market, these aren’t that expensive when you think about it.

Buy a pair of Nike Lunar Hyperworkout here.

14. Adidas Energy Boost Shoes


They may not be as high-tech as the Lunar TR1+, but the Adidas Energy Boost Shoes are designed with comfort and durability in mind. Adidas claims that the shoes are comfortable, flexible, and the design ensures the smoothest, most comfortable run possible.

Buy a pair of Adidas Energy Boost Shoes here.

15. Denon AH-150 wireless earphones

We live in the age of wireless everything, from phone charging to earphones. It’s not hard to see why its so popular, wires suck — especially when you’re out running and they keep getting in the way all the time. Fortunately wireless earphones do exist, and Denon AH-150 has been specifically created for sports in mind. Not only do they connect to your music player or choice via Bluetooth, they’re also waterproof, flexible, and have a seven hour battery life.

Buy Denon AH-150 wireless earphones here.

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Tom Pritchard

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