10 camera accessories to turn your smartphone into a point-and-shoot #PhotoWeek

Although using our smartphones instead of a digital camera is really practical most of the time, with it being in our pockets at all times, it can be annoying that it’s not as technically advanced as a more expensive camera. However, there are loads of accessories to make your phone nearly as good as a DSLR (we said nearly).

From external lenses to tripods, we’ve chosen our 10 favourite camera phone accessories to get a perfect photo, using your phone.

1) Photojojo iPhone and Android lens series


Photojojo has created a set of pro-lenses to attach to your phone, so your pictures can look the same quality as a point-and-shoot. A set comes complete with a Fisheye, 2 Telephotos, a Wide Angle and Macro lense, each crafted out of solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass. While a lot of the items on this list are for iPhones only, this set can be used on anything that has a lens on it, using magnets to attach.

The set is $99 from the Photojojo website, or you can get your hands on an individual lens for $20-30.

2) Klyp and external LED light

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 16.50.44

The flash on iPhone cameras isn’t known for being powerful or bright, and also drains the phone’s battery. Klyp is the case designed to improve your photos by allowing you to attach image-enhancing accessories like LED lights to give a more flattering light. It also won’t run down your battery, as it uses external batteries.

You can get your hands on a Klyp and an LED light from the Manfrotto website for £59.95–£94.95 depending on your needs.

3) iBlazr

iOS and Android devices

Like the Klyp, the iBlazr acts as a better LED flash than the one currently on your smartphone, and works with both iPhones and Android just by plugging into your phone or tablet’s audio jack. Again, it runs on an external battery, so won’t let your phone run out of juice. There’s a free companion app too to let you adjust the brightness of the light, which is another huge plus.

The iBlazr is available for $49.99 from the iblazr website.

4) Holga iPhone 5 lens filter kit


The Holga lens kit is fun way to add a little bit extra to your photos, using a rotary dial with 9 differing lens effects, attached to a case that you place your iPhone into. While not the most professional accessory, it’s really fun to play around with, and so easy to use.

You can buy one from Amazon for £28.99.

5) GripTight Gorillapod stand

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 16.55.23

This is so much more than your average tripod. The clever design of the legs means that it can be wrapped around or stuck to any surface you need it to be at any given time. The strong grip on the legs keeps the phone stable when taking shots. The mount is 72mm in width, so that rules out most ‘phablets’, but for us smaller phone users who want to take a great photo, this is a godsend.

Get your GripTight Gorillapod stand from Joby for $29.95.

For more accessories to make your camera phone even better, check out part two here!

Hayley Minn