10 camera accessories to turn your smartphone into a point-and-shoot (part 2) #PhotoWeek

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6) Belkin LiveAction camera remote (pictured above)

If you’re tired of having to hold your phone in exactly the right position to get that selfie without your arm getting in the way, this camera remote is what you need. Paired via your bluetooth, you can get your phone to either take a photo or a video without being next to your phone, so it’s perfect for those family events where you don’t want anyone to get left out. It also includes a small stand to prop up the phone and keep it in place.

You can buy a Belkin LiveAction camera remote from the Belkin website for $49.99.

7) Slingshot by Woxom


If you want to stop your videos from becoming so shaky, and start making them look more professional, the Slingshot can help you turn your phone into a steadicam. Its cradle stretches to hold smartphones of any size (yes, even phablets) and pops right back into place when not in use. There are also two legs that can pop out, turning it into a mini-tripod, so you could even put your digital camera in it, if you want.

Buy a Slingshot here for $19.95.



Like the Belkin LiveAction camera remote, the HISY lets you take a selfie without getting your arm in the way, with the click of a button, and connects via Bluetooth. However, the HISY can only be used with iPhones. It can also be used instead of getting a blurry picture, from your hand pressing the iPhone camera button. Powered by a replaceable battery, the HISY apparently lasts up to two years based on taking 100 shots per day, and comes with a small tether that plugs into your device’s headphone jack.

Get your hands on a HISY here for $24.99, in a choice of bright colours.

9) iPhone Telephoto lens kit


Yep, this lens kit makes your iPhone look pretty funny, but it’s amazingly useful for concerts and rooftop views, seeing as it gives your smartphone an extra 8x-12x zoom. Each lens comes with an iPhone case that you twist the lens onto. To compose your shot just twist the grip on the lens’ manual focus ring to make it sharp, and you’re ready to snap. The kit also comes with a collapsible table tripod and a cleaning cloth.

Get your hands on a Telephoto lens kit for $35 from the Photojojo website.

10) Kogeto Dot


If you’re looking for something completely unique, this could be for you. The Kogeto Dot allows you to create 360-degree panoramic videos with your iPhone, just by putting a lens over your camera, downloading an app, and pressing record. When you playback the video, you’ll be able to swipe left and right, seeing everything around you, with some really cool results.

The Kogeto Dot is $49 for the iPhone 5/5s and $39 for the iPhone 4/4s from the Kogeto website.


Hayley Minn

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