10 best backpacks for urban commutes, gym trips & summer fun [part two]: Knomo, ASOS, Hype

If you missed our first post, we’re rounding up our favourite backpacks suitable for urban commuting, carrying around your gadgets, weekends away and just summer fun if you like to be prepared and carry loads of stuff with you to the park.

multi-print-urban 7. Multi-print Patterned Backpack

If you’re looking for a soft and squishy backpack that’ll be your companion on trips away AND make for a real statement style piece at the same time, then this bag from Urban Outfitters is just what you need. If you’re into patterned dresses and bright colours it’ll fit in perfectly with your wardrobe, but don’t opt for it if you’re a bit of a minimalist or tend to dress up a lot. This one is a little too OTT for you.

Available from Urban Outfitters for £48.


8. Leather Soft Boysy Backpack

If you want a backpack that’s still classy and rather premium, then opt for this real leather boysy-style bag from ASOS. It’s ideal for those who want the option to carry their bag on their back, but will spend most of the time holding the handle too. It looks kinda green to us, but ASOS assures us it’s black and has a slightly textured finish. Ideal for work or if you like carrying a backpack around on nights and dinners out.

Available from ASOS for £65.


9. Hype Backpack in Feather Print

New brand Hype is all about the crazy patterns and popping colours, so it’s no surprise that we can’t take our eyes off this super vibrant feather bag from the brand. It’s a pretty standard backpack-style, with padded straps and a few smaller compartments inside. But let’s face it, you’re buying this for the awesome carnival colours, not how well it’ll protect your stuff (although we imagine it’ll do a pretty top notch job).

Available from ASOS for £24.99.


knomo-beauchamp copy

10. Beauchamp 14″ Backpack

If you’re after a bag to protect both your gadgets and your shoulders, then look no further than Knomo. The brand is one of the shinyshiny team’s favourites and it’s pretty much the king of carrying around your tech in style. This Beauchamp backpack is brand new to the range and allows you to keep your laptop safe in a cushioned compartment and carry around a lot of other bits and pieces too. The great thing about Knomo bags, is they’re produced to such a high quality and all of their products are totally shockproof – a no-brainer for women who love their tech. Of course you will have to pay a premium price for a premium product, but it’s a real investment piece, especially if you opt for a timeless style and colour like this one.

Available from Knomo for £129.

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Becca Caddy

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