Zuckerberg overtakes Google co founders to become 16th richest man in the world

Mark Zuckerberg is a smart man, we all know that, the inventor of Facebook has recently had an amazing earnings call and a little over a year since they went public they have doubled their IPO.

With the recent stock prices hitting an all time high it pushes Zuckerberg into a whole new bracket of wealth, a bracket that is higher than Googles co founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and above Amazons CEO Jeff Bezos.

Mashable says ‘If Facebook stock shoots up to $200, then he will become the richest man in the world, unseating Bill Gates or Carlos Slim’, that is absolutely incredible to think at only the age of 30 he is the 16th richest person on the planet, it is definitely only a matter of time before he takes that number one spot.

Image: DailySlave

Craig Fox