Is Facebook about to partner with Uber?

With Facebook in a great position after its latest earnings call, and Uber in a not so great position with Seoul looking to ban its service we are left with reports that the two are looking to join forces and collaborate.

The idea itself is to integrate Uber directly into Facebook’s messenger app, this has been done before and actually in Asia with WeChat, and to give you an idea of how successful it is, the service booked 21 million taxis in February this year via the messenger app.

Although Mark Zuckerberg has held talks with Travis Kalanick CEO of Uber it’s all an idea currently and someone close to the supposed deal said ‘It’s very conceptual, and nowhere near execution’,’But it’s a direction that Messenger has to go in’, which means of course they have to monazite messenger in someway and ads just aren’t going to work in a messenger app the way they do in its native app.

Image: Recode

Craig Fox