The world’s longest tattoo chain: Alice in Wonderland, sentence by sentence, on over 5,000 human subjects

A company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has launched a Kickstarter campaign aiming to (temporarily) ink the entirety of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ onto over 5,000 separate bodies.

Litographs, which is known for its literary-inspired T-shirts, posters and tote bags, wants to inscribe Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s novel sentence by painstaking sentence on eager bibliophiles, thereby hopefully creating the world’s longest tattoo chain.

Each tattoo has been individually designed, and the first 2,500 pledgers were guaranteed a spot in the chain. When they have received their tattoo and pasted it onto a body part, the contributors will upload an image to the Litographs Tattoos Gallery, which should go live in December.

Litographs’ CEO, Danny, states the project’s aim: ‘We want to celebrate how just a handful of powerful, poignant words from a book can shape our lives and imprint themselves forever in our minds and hearts, by (temporarily) printing those very words on our bodies.’

Litographs has an annual collection of temporary tattoos inspired by fifteen legends of literature. This year it includes James Joyce’s Ulysses, Jack London’s The Call of the Wild and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and they can be viewed here.


Sadie Hale

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