Is Microsoft about to take on Apple and Samsung with a Windows Watch?

Apple has somewhat led the way on certain things in the tech world, going from the early Apple 1 to the most recent iPhone they have always pushed the boundaries of the tech they work on. They aren’t always the first to market and aren’t always the ‘inventor’ of the said device, but they have pushed the boundaries and revolutionised industry after industry and I bet their iWatch will do the same, but not if Microsoft has anything to do with it.

In the past, Apple and Microsoft have had a turbulent relationship going from the initial GUI taken from the original MAC to them working together a number of years after on software for Apple’s home PC. They have competed for that top spot of number one home PC since the ’80s and it’s still going on in everything that comes from both companies.

Apple’s new iWatch is said to have an array of sensors to monitor heart rate, steps taken and recent reports suggest even a UV sensor to save you from that dreaded sunburn. Microsoft’s ‘WindowsWatch’ is also reported to have all of the same sensors, so it’s more than likely it will do much of the same things like checking notifications, searching for directions, Yelping on the go, etc.

The only thing we have this far is a sketch taken from the companies patent request for the device, as seen above.

Image; BGR

Craig Fox