Amazon now ships EU to UK in 2 days

If you haven’t heard of Amazon’s Prime service then you’re missing out. For the last year now, I personally have been signed up and, from the thousands upon thousands of films and TV shows, books and, of course, the Prime shipping option, I can’t recommend it enough.

In the past, Amazon has needed 3-7 days for shipping its EU stock to the UK and, to be honest, I would say most of us were quite happy with that turnaround, but now Amazon is guaranteeing, with its Prime service that it will be able to deliver more than 3 million of their EU products to your door in 2 days ‘as a result of improvements and innovations in its cross border delivery network’, according to the Telegraph.

Roy Perticucci from Amazon says;

‘Our European approach brings a wealth of benefits for customers including access to an ever-increasing selection of products, fast delivery from any of our European Fulfilment Centres and low prices driven by the efficiencies and economies scale that we achieve,’

This service will come at no extra cost to the £79 per year Amazon Prime members pay at the moment, so this is brilliant news for us Prime users and it really should be an industry standard for shipping, so well done Amazon.

Craig Fox

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