Top 10 wall decals to refresh your living space

Our homes are a visual representation of our personality, for better or for worse, but there’s always something trying to get in the way of true expression – landlords, partners, or the fear of messing it up. Unless you attended art school, chances are you’re not 100% sure what colours go together and while there are some impressively crafty people out there sharing their handiwork on some fabulous blogs, the more hamfisted amongst us would still like to enjoy a home that’s easy on the eye.

We’re not all equipped with the skills to impress on Pinterest, but there are lots of ways to create an environment that makes you happy without spending lots of money, breaching your rental contract or screaming at your family, so we’ll be rounding up beautiful and fun ideas for you on a regular basis.

This week – wall decals. These clever vinyl stickers attach quickly and easily to your wall – and when you change your mind or move house, they come off. There are approximately a bajillion designs available, from trees, flowers and butterflies to celebrity faces to slogans and sayings and all sorts in between, and they’re an affordable way of making a dramatic change to your room. Here are ten of the quirkiest to revamp your room.

Banksy 'Butterfly Girl'

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Bring the outside indoors with this iconic image from street art’s leading light.

£11.99 from Decaldent via Etsy.

Laura Kidd