The TaskOne iPhone Tool Case will make you the ultimate superhero

We all like to think our phones can do just about anything, but we’re pretty sure yours won’t be able to slice through a fresh sirloin steak or fix a bike without this phone cover that can pretty much make your phone the most useful tool in the world.

The TaskOne iPhone Tool Case somehow manages to cram in 22 quality hardened steel tools, including a pair of pliers, spoke wrenches, a saw and Phillips screwdrivers. It still only weights 89g and adds 5mm of thickness to your iPhone too, which we’re absolutely baffled by.

So the next time you’re stranded deep in the heart of the forest and your bike falls to pieces, and your luxurious picnic steak is too tough to eat, and you’ve only got bottled beer to drink, and you need to change a fuse, or measure something, or strip a wire, or you just want to use the in-built kickstand to watch a movie, make sure you have this case and you’ll be the ultimate Girl Guide/superhero.

Buy yours from Firebox for £79.99.

Hayley Minn