TAKE OUR QUIZ – Which fitness tracker should you buy?

Here at shinyshiny we’re dedicated to bringing you news, reviews and tips about the coolest tech, lifestyle products and must-have apps on the market. But no matter how clued up you are, sometimes figuring out which gadget, product or service is right for you can still be confusing –  especially when there’s so much to choose from.

Well now we’re here to take the pressure off all your purchasing decisions in the future, because our expert team will be bringing you interactive buying guides to help you choose what you should splurge on and what you should avoid.

Through a number of fun (yet totally informative and serious, honest!) questions we’ll help you weed through the different options and give you our top recommendations based on what you want from your wearable, your speaker or your car so you can then go on to buy something you’re really going to love and, most importantly, use – not get sick of after 5 minutes and regret for 5 months!

So first up? We’re dipping our toes into the exciting world of wearables. Now there are SO MANY on the market at the moment that we’re starting off with the more basic activity trackers designed to keep an eye on your fitness levels, steps, workouts, calorie intake and sleep. So if you’re seriously into your fitness, train everyday or have some medical concerns, wait for another few weeks, there’ll be another buying guide built especially for you.

BUT, if you want to get moving, tone up a little and sleep better, then TAKE OUR QUIZ now to find out which fitness tracker is right for you…

Which basic activity tracker should you buy?

There are so many wearable gadgets on the market, but we know most people don't need super scientific stats or info about their heart rates, they just want to know more about their activity levels, sleeping habits and calorie intake - so they can make positive and long-lasting changes to their lives. Take our quiz to find out which wearable device you need - without the stress of having to decide yourself!

Becca Caddy