Bored of words? An emoji-only social network is launching

Are you tired of words? Are you one of those who believes emojis are a way of life? All your dreams may have just come true, as a social network where you can only use emojis now exists.

Emojli hasn’t launched yet, but the iOS-bound network, which has a strict emoji-only username policy, has already passed 10,000 registrations earlier today, although it stresses that there are over 250,000 two-icon combinations out there, so think of all the opportunities!

If you want to join this crazy social network, you’d best get on to the registration page quickly before your username is taken. Sorry though, Dancing Girls Poo Poo and Arms Round Arms Up Dancing Girls Dancing Girls Dancing Girls have already been taken – we’re quite clearly fans of the dancing girls here at shinyshiny!

Hayley Minn