Spotify reveals the top 10 wedding first dance songs

Wedding days come with a lot of dilemmas. It might not be as tricky as finding the right dress, working out how to keep warring relatives away from each other for the length of the ceremony, or walking away from the whole shebang for less than £10,000, but picking a song for your first dance is still a big deal. You want something that’s classic without being pretentious, romantic without being cheesy, and that won’t turn your attempt to recreate that rumba from Strictly Come Dancing into a complete embarrassment.

Now Spotify has analysed more than 30,000 wedding playlists (let’s hope all those people paid for subscriptions, because a badly-timed ad could really ruin the mood) and compiled a list of the most popular first dance songs. It includes those old charmers Michael Bublé and John Legend, and proves that the Etta James resurgence kick-started by the Obamas is still in full effect, with ‘At Last’ taking the top spot.

If you want your reception to be unique, or you’d like to be prepared for what you’re likely to hear at every wedding you go to for the rest of the year, then check out the list below.

Image via April Killingsworth’s Flickr.

Diane Shipley