Sony wants you to hang up your Wii for a shiny PS4

Are you one of those 100 million consumers who purchased a Wii when they first came out and has since sat looking at the device wondering what you can use it for? Well, Sony thinks your Wii is no more than a coaster for your tea now as they move your casual gaming experience into 2014.

Andrew Housethe group chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, believes the PS4 is an all round device; that it’s not just aimed at your hardcore Call Of Duty players, or your up-til-4am-running-through-the-streets-of-Grand-Theft-Auto gamers, that if you want to pick up a Blu Ray and play your favourite film or sit back and play an arcade style game you’d likely see on a Wii, then move onto the PS4.

He says that consumer data has shown him that this is exactly whats happening and, a lot of the time, people are using their PS4s for things other than gaming into the early morning. This doesnt come as a shock to me, as Netflix is probably one of my most used apps on my PS4, as well as the Blu Ray player, but it’s very interesting that Sony has only just noticed and is looking to capture some of Nintendo’s market share.

Image: JustPushStart

Craig Fox