The ‘Audio Engineers Hoodie’ means you can listen to music, even with your hood up!

We’ve all seen products, allowing us to carry a million devices on us at the same time, from the Ayegear to the ScotteVest. These also let you seamlessly thread your headphone cable around the hood and into your ears, which is great for in-ear headphones but kind of leaves over-ear enthusiasts out in the cold when we want to wear our hoods over our heads. (We live in England, that happens a lot).

Well, one man Nic Pope has taken to BetaBrand, and, after being crowd funded is selling a jacket which is said to be acoustically transparent, allowing any sound to pass through it and into your ears.

The Audio Engineers Uniform also includes a loop in the left pocket to clip your keys, flashlight or multi-tool on, as well as a secure pocket on the chest for your thumbdrive or iLok, so you don’t lose it at the bar.

The jacket is priced at a somewhat high $142, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how the jacket looks.

Image: BetaBrand



Craig Fox