Is Samsung about to launch its first metal phone?

We’ve already reported today that Samsung has announced the UK release dates for their two new devices, the Galaxy S5 Mini and the Galaxy Young 2. Now, it’s also been revealed that the mobile company is launching its first non-plastic phone.

Samsung Mobile’s senior vice president, Kim Hyun-joon told investors and analysts that a large-screened phone will materialise in the coming months, along with a model made from ‘new materials’, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Kim Hyun-joon also told investors that Samsung will introduce mid-to-low-end smartphones with ‘enhanced specifications’ later this year in an effort to reverse their falling profits.

If The Verge is to be believed, the said large-screened device is going to be the latest in Samsung’s Galaxy Note line, and could very well be the rumoured 4.8-inch Galaxy Alpha device built from metal, expected to be announced next month.

With a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 expected to be released very soon, this 4.8-inch metal Galaxy Alpha could definitely be the phone to rival the giants over at Apple, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Hayley Minn