Colour-changing ice cream is now a reality

After hearing about glow-in-the-dark ice cream, breast milk ice cream, crocodile egg ice cream and of course, Viagra ice cream, I didn’t think there were any more ways for frozen milk to surprise us. Of course, I was wrong. A Spanish scientist has now invented colour-changing ice cream.

As PSFK reports, Manuel Linares, a physicist from Catalonia, says that his Xamaléon (which I’m guessing is a play on ‘chameleon’) flavour is not only a refreshing and tasty fruit-flavoured treat but also a feast for the eyes. It’s also a bit of a faff: it starts off a not especially appetising blue, then has to be sprayed with a special mix to activate it. This turns the ice cream purple, and the more it’s licked, the pinker it becomes.

He’s applied for a patent for the technology, so he’s not sharing how we can replicate this for our next birthday party. But he says the process is all-natural, to do with the temperature of the ingredients and exposing them to air and saliva.

After gaining his scientific qualifications, Linares became a chef with the aim of working specifically with ice cream. He now sells Xamaléon in the shop he runs in his small town, Calella de Mar (where he also stocks cocktail-flavoured ices), but plans to ship it worldwide soon. He’s also apparently working on more innovations, including an ultraviolet ice cream.

Image via Chris Hunkeler’s Flickr.



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