The Cabin is the new charger for iDevices everywhere

In more recent years we have seen a lot of change in hardware in many devices, one of the more notable changes was the move with the iPhone 5 from Apple to go from it’s 30 pin iPhone charge adaptor to a new proprietary ‘lightning cable’. There was a massive uproar at the time due to the obvious case where everyone had a previous model of iPhone, iPad or iPod  with the 30 pin adaptor, Apple did offer a way of changing the 30 pin to lightning with this, but at a cost.

Well, it seems like one company ‘HEVO LABS’ has an idea to shake that up all over again, having released a Kickstarter with an ingenious idea. Cabin is a magsafe style charger and battery pack for your iDevices, making the world of  your lightning cable twisting and breaking over, and I, for one, am a happy camper.

The Cabin itself has a very sleek design making you think it’s come straight from Apple; it’s made entirely of aluminium and will immediately have you wanting to show this beautifully designed piece of kit off. The Cabin comes equipped with a micro adaptor which casually slips into your lightning adaptor’s place, in which it will sit for eternity. You are then given an adaptor to don the top of your lightning cable. The Cabin is all magnetic and has a 2200mAh battery giving you 130% more battery life.

Along with Cabin, ‘HEVO LABS’ is launching CabinDock, a lightweight dock to sit on your desk at work or in your home office. It also boasts the sleek design of the Cabin. It has already reached $55,532 of it’s $50,000 goal and that number can only rise and rise.


Craig Fox