New pictures of Apple’s Spaceship HQ

With what looks like a giant muddy crop circle we bring you new images of Apple’s long awaited Spaceship HQ.

This image was taken by KCBS news and traffic reporter Ron Cervi and reported by Macrumors. Apparently, Cervi himself has been monitoring the works on the campus for the last few months and has taken several aerial shots above it. There is also mention of underground tunnels (probably where the top secret designing by senior designer Jonny Ive will take place).

You can see by the picture that Apple isn’t waiting around on this, and the 2016 opening date looks like it’s going to catch us up with a bang. Ron Cervi does post a lot of shots over San Francisco and is the perfect person to follow on Twitter for you to keep updated on the new Apple campus.

So, what can we expect from Apple’s new HQ? It’s said to be one of the most energy sufficient buildings in the world, and will include a 100,000 square-foot fitness centre, an underground parking facility, and a 120,000 square-foot auditorium for its employees, but if you were to drive up to this complex now, we can guarantee you wouldn’t get a glimpse of anything due to Apple’s high security!

Image; DailyMail


Craig Fox