Meet FiDELYS, a smartwatch with iris recognition to keep your stuff safe

It seems like everyone from Apple to our grans are developing smartwatches at the moment, so whether you’re a tech giant or a startup, your wearable needs to either bring something to the table that no one else has or do it better than anything else already on the market.

FiDELYS is a pretty decent-looking smartwatch with everything you’d expect packed into its circular-faced design, like data transferring features, mobile payments, calls, texts and even health monitoring. But its USP is that it has iris recognition tech.

If you’re carefree and aren’t worried about your privacy, then look away now, because FiDELYS wants to solve a bunch of 2014 tech problems, like managing your passwords or unlocking your devices with just one simple eye movement that the smartwatch uses to scan your iris.

Granted it’s not our main concern when we’re shopping for a wearable here at shinyshiny, but with security breaches hitting some of the biggest companies across the globe every week, it could certainly become a go-to for those who value privacy over anything else.

FiDELYS is coming to Indiegogo soon, we’ll keep you posted!


Becca Caddy