Kwoller lets you swipe through clothes, just like Tinder

Are you loving using Tinder to help you find a date? You can now use it to find clothes with Kwoller, a new app that lets users sort through clothes and ultimately buy them, by using a swipe of the finger.

If the shopper is interested in the item, they swipe right — a swipe to the left will discard it. The screen also displays the brand and price of each item.

Kwoller doesn’t allow users to purchase items directly, but instead links them to the brand’s website, and discovers different clothing options via an aggregation tool that scopes out various brands, including Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. As with other smart technologies, the app becomes more familiar with the users’ preferences in time and generates suggestions accordingly.

For now, Kwoller is geared only toward women’s fashion, and the app also allows users to swipe up to share their shopping successes on social media outlets like Twitter.

The app will also alert you if items you like go on sale, which is a function we love A LOT!

You can download Kwoller from the App Store for free.

Hayley Minn

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