New York shopping mall celebrates body diversity with different mannequins

A shopping mall in New York city is featuring mannequins with an array of body types in one of its window displays, thanks to the work of JCPenney.

As part of its campaign ‘when it fits, you feel it’, the display in the JCPenney store in Manhattan Mall is a welcome contribution to ongoing dialogues surrounding body diversity in the media.

The mannequins were produced by Fusion Specialities and are inspired by real people, including a partially paralysed wheelchair user, an Army paratrooper who lost parts of both legs in an explosion in Afghanistan, a man with dwarfism, a plus-size lady, and a female basketball player who stands at over six feet one inch tall.

After the first 24 hours, JCPenney reported an overwhelmingly positive response to the display. Hopefully other companies will follow suit!

The mannequins will be on display in JCPenney’s Manhattan store until the end of August.


Images via JCPenney website




Sadie Hale