The iPhone 6’s Sapphire glass may not be scratch-proof

With the iPhone 6, we are likely to see a lot of new hardware, as well as the eagerly awaited iOS8, and, according to leaked information, we can most likely expect an upgraded A8 processor, a fresh new design and ‘Sapphire glass’.

Recently, a few people around the world have received  what appears to be the new iPhone 6 screens, and some have conducted some tests to see how durable the screen is. In this video, tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, takes a knife to the screen, along with a number of tension tests to see how much resistance he can put on the glass to see if it breaks, but to no avail on any of the tests and the ‘Sapphire glass’ stood up.

Although Marques’ previous test seemed to prove Apple was going the right way with Sapphire, in this latest test he takes to a firmer approach using what is known as the Mohs test – a test of hardness to prove its a high grade Sapphire. He takes to the glass with a couple of coarse sandpaper sheets and, unfortunately, the results are somewhat disappointing. The new test concluded that Sapphire glass was indeed tougher, but in no way was it unscathed by the sandpaper.

Surprisingly enough however,  Marques’ tests on the TouchID with the sandpaper caused no damage at all, and the sensor stood up to everything thrown at it, which is quite impressive. In the video, there are also some fun tests with Joe Rogan from UFC firing an arrow at the glass with a bow, leading to a very smashed iPhone 6 glass screen.

Image: TechRadar

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