Retina display for new Macbook Air may push release back

If you’re an Apple PC user you’ll know exactly what you’re getting every time; sleek design, hard unibody and great software, which is more often than not updated and given to use for free. For me, personally, the Macbook Air is the perfect PC. I have the 11 inch 2013 Air, which has followed me around the world and not failed me yet, but obviously there is that one thing we all as MacBook Air users want — a Retina display.

There’ve been rumours floating around for a while now that the Air will receive the Retina display, but it may not be able to cope with battery size and how thin the device is at the moment, but reports came in that Apple is planning on releasing a new 12 inch model with the suspected display built in. However, some news has been brought our way from the Economic Daily that Intel’s Broadwell processor is in very short supply and thus pushing back the said 2014 release to 2015.

We’re hoping this report is falsified, but we’re sure, even without the Retina display, that we will see some sort of new MacBook Air launch this year, along with some new Pro models, expected for the 3rd quarter of 2014.

Image: AnAndTech


Craig Fox