Google’s smart contact lenses could help those living with diabetes

Earlier in the year, rumours began to circulate about smart contact lenses developed be Google. Of course everyone joked about wearables becoming creepily wearable and Google Glass taking over our faces and yadda yadda yadda, but fast-forward a few months and in actual fact the smart lenses that Google is creating could make a big difference to those living with diabetes and a number of other medical conditions.

Google has teamed up with pharmaceutical company Novartis to drive the development of the smart lenses even further. According to sources, Novartis will be licensing lots of Google’s tech to create the contact lenses especially for those living with diabetes. The lenses will work to analyse fluids in the eye, as well as providing constant, real-time feedback about a patient’s glucose levels. Just like some of the top wearables we’ve grown to know and love, the smart lenses will transmit data wirelessly to your mobile. 

As one in every 19 people across the globe is living with diabetes, the tech being developed by both parties could make a massive difference to a LOT of lives.

But it’s not just diabetes that Novartis wants to attempt to tackle with the lenses, the company is also believed to be working on developing technology to help those with sight problems too, just like Microsoft.




Becca Caddy

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