Facebook and Oculus are finally one

Facebook has grown to be the number one social media outlet in the world and is linked almost every week to have acquired new companies globally much like Apple.

Well, this week is no different, Facebook announced back in March that it would be acquiring Oculus and in fact only yesterday did the acquisition finally go through in a recorded $2 Billion deal. This deal is somewhat of rarity in the way that Oculus also deals with hardware, something Facebook haven’t really delved into yet.

In a statement from the two companies they state:

‘We’re looking forward to an exciting future together, building the next computing platform and reimagining the way people communicate.’

Palmer Luckey himself has said he is making this deal to make sure that virtual reality is a long term thing and in no way is it a short-term financial gain, Luckey believes the games industry is the only platform for virtual reality thats ‘well equipped to deal with the immersive 3D worlds’.

I personally can’t see this being anything but good, and I am sure the Facebook/Oculus partnership will bring some extremely good software and hardware to virtual reality gaming.

Image: TechCrunch


Craig Fox