Chromecast gets Rickrolled with the ‘Rickmote’

If you like to stream video to your TV its most likely you have some sort of set-top box, like a Roku, Apple TV or the Google Chromecast. Well one hacker has designed a remote named ‘Rickmote’ which uses a Raspberry Pi to send the internet famous Rick Astley’s song ‘Never gonna give you up’ to their TV instantly, it will play on a constant loop until you turn it off.

The Vulnerability itself is accessed over the same wifi network so I am sure its no massive security issue to worry about, but if your TV does somehow happen to ‘Rickroll’ you, it has to be someone in the same house or very close. If you want to see the Rickmote working, head over to this video, its something to be admired.

Image:  RadioSurvivor

Craig Fox