Online conversation analysis reveals wearables are more popular with women

Women are much more positive about wearable technology than their male counterparts, a social media monitoring platform has found.

Brandwatch partnered with Brilliant Noise to gather and analyse more than eight million online conversations about wearable technology between the months of January 2013 and July 2014. While it found that men dominated the conversation (65%), female authors were 42% more positive when giving an opinion on the ownership of wearables.

With wearables largely relating to sport and technology, it’s not surprising to find that men were more inclined to discuss them. However, the fact that women are more positive about these types of gadgets raises intriguing questions: this technology could actually be more fitting to a ‘female’ market than we realise, or maybe women are just more positive when voicing their online opinions.

Interestingly, conversation around wearables has gone stratospheric across the time period analysed: there’s been a whopping 190% increase from 973,000 mentions during the first quarter of last year to 2,816,814 mentions during the same period of this year. Around 75% of the conversations took place on Twitter.

In the UK, Google Glass has set the most chins wagging (or fingers tapping), with 2,842,996 mentions; this is followed by Fitbit, with 1,488297. In third place is Nike Fuelband, which racked up 632,138 mentions.

Sadie Hale