Cortana is coming to the UK in ‘two weeks’

We told you it was coming, and now we have a date, or at least some idea of when we’ll see Cortana in the UK. In response to a question on Twitter from software engineer Pete Stensønes, the Group Program Manager for Cortana on Windows Phone, Marcus Ash, said that Cortana would hit our shores in ‘less than 2 weeks’.

The software, which is Microsoft’s version of Siri and Google Now, has been promised for a while following its US launch back in April. In May, the head honcho of Windows Phone Joe Belfiore said in his Reddit AMA that Cortana ‘tells us she’d like to travel’. It’s taken longer to get to this side of the pond because it needed tweaking for local information and UK accent recognition and had been expected to debut last month, after the Windows phone 8.1 update. But Windows users desperate to chat with/boss around/form intimate Her-style relationships with their devices were thwarted.

And unfortunately, if you’re an excited Windows user holding your breath for this new release, you might want to grab a ventilator: it’s just a preview for developers for now. But the consumer version surely can’t be too much longer…

Image via Bhupinder Nayyar’s Flickr.

Diane Shipley