Yo: Everything you need to know about this ridiculous new app

We come across our fair share of pointless and silly apps that’ll never catch on every day, but Yo has to take the biscuit. It’s an app that’s been making huge waves on Twitter and amongst tech, media and social nerd communities over the past few days, but all it actually does is say “Yo”. Again. And again. And again.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices and once you’ve got it downloaded to your phone, big, colourful rectangles will prompt you in SHOUTY ALL CAPS to choose a username. You’re then free to take advantage of Yo’s unique capabilities: you can say “Yo” to people. But not just type it. A creepy, robot voice says it too.

“And that’s it?” we hear you cry… Yep. That’s it.

Feel free to laugh it off as another ridiculous tech idea, but know that the team behind Yo have raised more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS for their idea. That’s right, ONE MILLION ACTUAL DOLLARS OF ACTUAL CURRENCY FOR THE ABILITY TO SAY YO.

According to Forbes, the guy behind the app is Or Abel, who unsurprisingly coded it in only eight hours and initially created it as a tool for his boss to summon his secretary (how polite!).

The most recent stats suggest that despite it’s mind-numbingly basic premise, Yo is becoming insanely popular and more than four million messages have been sent over the past month. Does this mean there’s a clear necessity for us to strip back the way we communicate with each other and ditch those lengthy 140 character tweets and time-consuming emojis for a single word? Or is everyone just wallowing in the novelty like little app-obsessed sheep? We’ve no idea and we’re not sure whether the app makes us want to laugh, cry or just mindlessly say Yo to our loved ones.

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Check out Yo for more info and download links.

Becca Caddy

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