Want to be a celebrity? First, let me take a phonie!

We’ve had selfies, we’ve had belfies, and we’ve even had shelfies, but now there’s a new craze on the web in the form of phonies.

Social media photographer Dan Rubin coined the term to describe when a member of the public holds up their phone with a picture of a celebrity’s face to make it look like it’s them taking the selfie.

Dan has loads of these type of photos on his Tumblr, including many celebs with a penchant for taking a selfie, a la James Franco and Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Dan said: “Selfies have become ingrained in popular culture so I started thinking about images that could take the humble selfie to a different level.

“I liked the idea of using a few celebrities known for shooting selfies and merging them with street photography-style portrait shots.”

The photographer added that it took him a while to find the right people to take the pictures, but he’s very happy with the results.

He said: “The reaction has been great – I love the humour of the shots, it’s candid and a bit tongue and cheek, and gently pokes fun at the selfie-obsessed celebs that we all love to follow.”

Hayley Minn