James Franco continues to show us all how not to use Instagram


Last month, James Franco rocked the planet to its very core by going from hipster nice guy with a mild selfie addiction to full blown Instagram creeper and young girl stalker all in one fateful night.

Now, in a totally uncharacteristic display of narcissism, Franco has taken his Instagram creepiness to a whole new level by posting a bunch of sad and not-at-all sexy, near-naked selfies.

Due to Instagram’s content policies or Franco’s strange sense of humour, the photos have now been taken down.

At this stage we just can’t work out whether he’s trolling us all with his Instagram antics and LOL-ing at stories just like this one, starring in a Joaquin Phoenix-style documentary or whether he needs an Instagram intervention and is right in the middle of an Amanda Bynes-style social media meltdown.

Image via Instagram/James Franco.

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Becca Caddy