Tomorrow you can even Uber your wedding

It may have been in the news lately for being divisive, but Uber really just wants to have some good publicity for a change bring people together. So tomorrow it’s offering couples the chance to Uber their weddings. To celebrate Pride weekend in San Francisco, this Saturday anyone in the city who opens the app will see the extra option ‘UberWedding’, and clicking it could bring a ceremony straight to their door. (Although the ceremony doesn’t have to be straight, of course: couples can be same- or opposite-sex.)

With 1.5 million people expected to hit the city this weekend, Uber doesn’t expect to be able to marry everyone who wants to use the service, but if your request is accepted, a mobile wedding will rock up within the hour. It will include someone to officiate the ceremony and a notary to handle paperwork, plus flowers, a cake, and sweets. It’s all free and there’s even a honeymoon included, although Uber’s staying schtum as to where its newlyweds will end up (the flights are courtesy of Alaska Airlines, so not necessarily somewhere warm).

Despite worldwide protests, Uber continues to be popular with the public and with investors, who recently poured $1.2 billion into the company, making it worth $17 billion. If they keep up this rate of growth, and continue to expand the app’s reach and functionality, it’s possible that in future we’ll be able to organise everything in our lives via Uber. (That’s a good thing, right?)

Image via Katsu Nojiri’s Flickr.

Diane Shipley