This Lulu Guinness handbag is actually a wearable camera!

Think you’re just looking at your everyday Lulu Guinness handbag? Well, think again. This bag is actually an Autographer camera, and can take up to 2000 images on-the-go.

Designed with a built-in 136-degree wide-angle lens and an 8GB storage limit, British designer Lulu Guinness’s ‘Archive Eyes’ camera handbag is the latest must-have in wearable technology.

The camera comes equipped with an ultra small GPS unit, five smart sensors and a fixed focus lens powered by algorithms which render the camera sensitive to light, motion, color and temperature, allowing it to capture moments at exactly the right time. The results are beautiful, stop-frame photographs, which provide a unique perspective and the perfect opportunity to create original GIFs that are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

The detachable Autographer can last up to a full day without recharge and pairs with your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to preview, browse and share all of the images captured throughout the day.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Lulu said: “I have been following and growing interest in wearable technology within the fashion industry, so am excited to partner with Autographer and take our first steps to merge the two with a touch of style and humour.”

Priced at £395, the limited edition Archive Eyes camera bag will be available on the Lulu Guinness website and stores across the globe, from 16th July.

Hayley Minn