Spot the wearable in Apple's new iPhone ad

Apple may not have lifted the lid on its highly-anticipated iWatch, but that doesn’t mean it can’t shout about all of the other great wearable fitness tracking devices on the market already.

In a new iPhone ad created for US TV, Apple features a whole range of fitness trackers that you can already buy that already team up with its flagship handset. We spotted the Misfit Shine, a Withings scale, a Wahoo bike sensor and the Nike+ Running app, but let us know what else you can eye-spy after watching it a few times…

The ad is an interesting play from Apple, showing off everything that the iPhone can do in conjunction with a number of already popular apps and gadgets that’ll all presumably be getting a big update in the summer when the tech giant’s new Health offering, which acts as a central place for all kinds of metrics about your body, officially launches.


Becca Caddy