Test your vest: UNIQLO lets shoppers wear clothes outside before they buy

Clothing brand GU, which is part of the same retail group as UNIQLO, has launched a pilot scheme which will allow its shoppers to take clothes on a “test run” outside the store before they commit to buying anything.

Potential buyers will be allowed to take away up to three items of clothing in a single day to help them decide whether to make a purchase. They’re permitted to walk around outside, visit other shops and even eat meals, as long as the clothes are returned by the end of the day.

Customer satisfaction is high on the company’s priority list, so they’ve decided to be trusting – they’re asking customers for a name and a telephone number only before they are released with their sartorial selections. The scheme will run until the end of the month, when its feasibility will be assessed.

The site of the new scheme, termed “GU Fitting”, is their recently-opened shop in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighbourhood. GU is part of the Fast Retailing Co., the company behind UNIQLO.

Let us know what you think of this generous, yet potentially stupidly trustworthy, scheme below.

Image via MTA / Patrick Cashin at Flickr Creative Commons

Sadie Hale