Pinterest comes to Android Wear and tells you about nearby pins

On Wednesday, Google made a whole load of interesting and exciting new announcements at its I/O developer conference. (Check out our pick of the best bits here). But what excited and interested us the must? Well, it had to be the closer look and added features of its new operating system built entirely for wearables, Android Wear. Google has already announced a bunch of interesting partnerships with popular apps, and as obsessed Pinterest fiends big fans of Pinterest, we were delighted to see it’ll be one of the first apps to come to your wrist.

We know what you’re thinking, what’s the benefit of having Pinterest on your wrist other than making you feel substandard when your walk through a meadow isn’t beautiful and blurry but is covered in nettle stings and hayfever sneezes? Well, Pinterest will be adding in a feature that alerts you to nearby pins. This kind of functionality will (fingers crossed) skyrocket the bookmarking platform away from being a pinboard of snaps of cakes and hairstyles, and be more about travel and discovery.

Over on the Pinterest blog the team give us a great example of how this could work in the real world:

“You could make a board for places to watch the World Cup or all the stops for your next vacation. If you’re close to one of the sports bars or must-see sites you Pinned, we’ll send you a notification on your Android device so you can go check it out. Need to figure out how to get there? You can get step-by-step directions right from your Android wearable or your phone.”

Becca Caddy

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