New bike could help kids learn to ride in an afternoon

A crowdfunding campaign for a new bike that apparently helps children learn to ride in a single afternoon has launched on Kickstarter.

As a child, there are few things more satisfying than finally wheeling down the road with the wind in your hair and your stabilisers in the bin. The Jyrobike has been designed to help kids get to that moment sooner, with fewer crying outbursts and bruised knees along the way.

The world’s first “auto balance” bicycle, it might wobble, but it shouldn’t let anyone fall over, thanks to a patented control hub in the front wheel that stabilises the bike. This works on gyroscopic technology, meaning there’s a faster, spinning wheel inside the front wheel of the bike to emulate the stability that you get once you ride a bike at higher speeds. It could be especially helpful for children with balance problems or developmental coordination disorders like dyspraxia.

It’s aimed at children aged 3-8 and available in 12″ and 16″ wheel sizes. The control hub can also be used separately with a bike of your choice. It’s powered by an internal battery that lasts around three hours. Balance settings can be adjusted as children become more confident (there’s even the option for parents to do this via WiFi) and the hub can later be removed altogether.

The control hub also comes with a micro USB connection, which can be used to charge it on the go, as well as to add new sounds for the built-in 105dB speaker. It comes pre-loaded with sounds, including a booming siren and roaring dinosaur – both of which your neighbours will surely thank you for.

The Kickstarter aims to raise $100,000 and ends on July 3rd. Bikes should be shipped in early 2015. The company also plans to launch an adult version next year, which will help people to ride for longer.

Diane Shipley

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