Sephora has launched mirrors that show what make-up will look like on you

We all know that shopping for make-up is never straightforward. You can’t ever try colours on your face (where you actually need to), and if you do, it’s usually done by a really orange girl at the counter, who convinces you that you need a primer, lipstick and blusher as well as the foundation you came in for! Then, if you want to risk it, and buy the product without seeing it on yourself, it it looks rubbish on, there’s no way of getting a refund.

Now, all this is a thing of the past however, as Sephora has teamed up with virtual reality technology company ModiFace to launch a mirror that willl simulate how make-up will look on a person’s face in both real time and 3D.

The unique technology will be able to track your facial features and ‘apply’ eye shadow to your face via a camera’s video stream. What’s even cooler is that you’ll be able to see how the make-up looks on you from all angles, just by turning your face, like you would with a normal mirror!

Sephora’s 3D augmented reality mirror is currently only at the Milan store, but if it becomes a success, additional mirrors could be placed in locations across the globe. However, annoyingly, Sephora no longer has any stores in the UK, so there’s no chance of us getting to witness how amazing these mirrors are any time soon. Off to Milan we go!

Hayley Minn