Game of Thrones actor takes to Instagram after shocking episode airs in the UK


Last night, Game of Thrones fans in the UK were finally able to catch up with episode eight of the latest season, The Mountain and the Viper, which caused a Twitter meltdown over in the US when it was aired a day earlier.

We won’t give too much away, but if you haven’t caught up yet be warned it’s a particularly brutal, shocking and unexpected episode, which is really saying something for a show that brought us The Red Wedding (we still haven’t gotten over that scene).

All spoilers and plot twists aside, the blow of the episode was ever-so-slightly softened by the fact two of the show’s top actors, Lena Headley (she plays Cersei) and Pedro Pascal (he plays Oberyn), took to Instagram to give us some light comedy relief.

First up, Pedro Pascal poses with The Mountain in an amazing shot that shows off actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson’s truly epic proportions.

Next up, last night’s episode proved that a mysterious photo update from Lena Headley back in April was actually a recreation of one of the scenes from last night’s show (naughty cast members). Both Lena Headley and Pedro Pascal got all eye gouge-y, which would make us actually breakdown if this wasn’t one of the first shots to confirm that yes, they’re actually dating.


Becca Caddy