This bike folds down into the size of an umbrella!

Thought that your foldable bike couldn’t fold any more than it already does? Well, think again, as this bike breaks down into a package the size of an umbrella!

Designed by Italian designer Gianluca Sada, the Sada Bike has cool-looking spokeless wheels, which form the structure of the backpack in which it can be carried.

Not only do the wheels have no spokes, but the bike is minimum size in closing, and folds with a single movement. Also, the backpack that this bike folds down into is acceptable to take on to a plane, and can hold other items too!

On his website, Sada says: “The objective of this project is to have a cycle with standard dimensions and have a small package during transportation.”

While this bike is just a prototype at the moment, we’re very excited about it.

Hayley Minn

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