Samsung unveils the Simband wearable health tracker

This week Samsung unveiled a new wearable health tracking device called the Simband. Designed to be worn around your wrist, the Simband can take all kinds of readings about your body from a relatively teeny tiny package.

At a press event in San Francisco, Samsung also revealed details of Sami, short for Samsung Architecture Multimedia Interactions, a cloud-based open software platform that will work alongside the Simband to track and store your data.

The Simband will be one of the slimmest devices on the consumer and regular markets to track a whole host of different stats and take precise readings for blood flow, respiration, heart rate, hydration, gas and glucose in the blood and even which substances are in the air around us.

According to the Samsung team, the device will be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, come with a magnetic battery charger that you can wear when you sleep and possibly give wearer’s a “wellness score” throughout the day. None of these features are particularly ground-breaking, but could certainly give some of the big players in the activity tracking space a run for their money.

It’s interesting timing for the announcement given Apple’s developer conference starts next week and health data is expected to play a key part in the event. More is expected to be revealed about Simband and its BFF Sami at the Samsung developers conference, which is likely to take place in October as it did last year.

Becca Caddy