Scribble Ink lets you draw with colours you find around you

scribble ink.jpg

If you’re into design or just have an eye for colour, we bet you’ve spotted a shade while you’ve been out-and-about that you just wish you could replicate, whether it’s a particularly bright flower, piece of street art or eye-popping door that you want to copy on your own. Well, the Scribble Ink is here to make your colour dreams a reality, because it’ll recognise just about any colour, replicate the shade and allow you to draw with it.

The Scribble Ink packs a 16 bit RGB colour sensor, which you can hold up to whatever you want to reproduce any colour. Then, an integrated ARM 9 microprocessor analyses the shade and stores it so you can use it later before the pen mixes its cyan, magenta, yellow, white and black cartridges to match it perfectly.

The pen will supposedly be capable of mixing up to 16 million different colours and a huge 100,000 can be stored in the device’s memory so you can use them again. The Scribble Ink has both a micro USB and Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can also transfer the shades to your smartphone or laptop so you can use them in other places, too.

A Scribble Ink will cost you $149.95, which is pretty cheap given the device’s magical colour matching capabilities! But don’t get excited just yet, because according to Gizmag, The Scribble Ink will be coming to Kickstarter soon, but we have high hopes that it’ll smash its target within hours so we’ll be able to get our hands on one within the year.

Becca Caddy