Microsoft files wearable patent for iWatch-style activity tracker

This week, plans have emerged from a recently-filed Microsoft patent, which details a gadget that sounds suspiciously like Apple’s highly-anticipated new iWatch.

According to Patent Bolt and Cult of Mac, Microsoft’s patent covers a smartwatch device that can be used as a watch, a notification centre, a fitness tracker and a health monitor. The patent also details that an element of the watch can be popped out and inserted into fitness equipment (presumably a bit like the Misfit Shine) and docked into a device that also acts as an alarm clock.

Although many companies are taking a big step into the world of wearables at the moment, it’s not unheard of for Microsoft to take one of Apple’s devices and (often unsuccessfully) put its own spin on it.


Becca Caddy

One thought on “Microsoft files wearable patent for iWatch-style activity tracker

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