Student turns her nerve disorder into award-winning fashion collection

Fashion student Julia Wollner has designed an entire line inspired by her personal struggle with the nerve disorder Bell’s Palsy.

These striking photos feature the work of Julia Wollner, a fashion student currently studying at the Pratt Institute in New York, US. Her garments are a mesmerising kaleidoscope of colours with bold silhouettes coupled with delicate flowing sections.


It’s easy to switch off from high-fashion concepts, but Julia’s line is made all the more interesting and breath-taking by the fact it’s based on her experience of living with Bell’s Palsy for two years, a nerve disorder that can cause facial paralysis.

Look closely at the collection and you’ll see that some of the lines are awkward and uncomfortable, there’s intense pattern followed by completely pure, white fabrics and there are also shapes of faces, derived from images of facial exercises Wollner had to perform.

The Gloss reports that Julia’s collection won her the “Liz Claiborne Award – Concept to Product”, which was presented by the Liz Claiborne Foundation and came with a prize of $25,000. Wollner intends to dream up an entirely new line, which is exciting for those interested in fashion with a fascinating personal interest story underpinning it.

Becca Caddy

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  • Love this story–such creativity! Selective neurolysis is an advanced surgery for those who have partial facial paralysis and synkinesis due to Bell’s palsy. There are treatments for the nerve disorder that can greatly improve your quality of life! http://www.facialparalysisinst

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