Is Apple going to run its stores off renewable energy?

It’s a well-known fact that Apple is committed to going as green as possible, and now they’re hoping to make every one of their stores run on renewable energy.

Speaking to Fortune Senior Editor, Adam Lashinsky, Apple’s VP of Environmental Initiatives, Lisa Jackson revealed the plans for the company’s future, even though this could be really tricky, given that most Apple Stores are placed inside shopping centres.

Lisa said: “It’s a lot harder to do the retail stores. They’re all over the place. In some places they’re in a mall … literally a shopping centre. In some cases, they’re standalone stores. But where they are in the grid and where they are in the world, the access to clean energy may or may not be a trivial exercise.”

Having already made sure that the materials they use in their products are recyclable or made from components that aren’t mined in conflict parts of the world, we’re interested to see whether Apple can actually make their 400+ stores around the world green. It would definitely be a challenge, so we’re looking forward to seeing them try.

Hayley Minn