You need to change your eBay password now!

Do you go on eBay all the time and never thought about what’s happening to your personal information? The online auction site has been blasted for not taking enough action, after it was revealed that its servers were hacked three months ago, compromising the personal details of millions of users.

The emails, phone numbers and birth dates of every one of the 233 milliion eBay account holders are now in the hands of hackers, and the company has now told users to urgently change their passwords three months after the hack actually happened!

Speaking to the Telegraph, the chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, Keith Vaz said: “We have urged companies to take much more seriously the threat of hacking. It is inexcusable that a company as important as eBay has failed to inform its customers immediately that this has occurred. We need a full explanation.”

In a statement on their website, the US auction site said it was asking all its users to reset their passwords after an attack ‘compromised a database containing encrypted passwords and other non-financial data’.

If you use the same password as you do on eBay for any other sites, make sure you change them as well, just in case!

An eBay spokesman said: “We discovered unauthorised access to our corporate network earlier in May and immediately began a forensic investigation which discovered this issue leading to yesterday’s announcement.

If you’re worried about your PayPal account, don’t be, as the spokesperson for eBay added: “PayPal data is stored separately on a secure network, and all PayPal financial information is encrypted.”

We don’t know about you but we’re changing our passwords on absolutely everything, as we speak!

Hayley Minn