@HiddenCash: Twitter scavenger hunt comes to the UK

Earlier in the week the @HiddenCash Twitter account made headlines for starting a feel-good social experiment in San Francisco that saw an anonymous tweeter hide money around the city and leave clues for strangers to find the hidden treasure.

Well fear not UK readers, because it looks like the trend has spread across the pond and now lots of generous, Twitter-loving (and not to mention rich) people have started to hide similar cash packages across the country. The most notable account is @HiddenCash_UK, and whoever’s behind this UK edition has already tweeted about drops in Leeds and Sheffield.

The person behind the original US @HiddenCash account is believed to be a property entrepreneur, and in a tweet explained that the project is “an anonymous social experiment for good”. We’re so sick of people turning to Twitter to rant, abuse everyone else and be cynical little trolls that it’s truly refreshing to see the social platform be used for such a feel-good experiment. Also: FREE MONEY.

Image via @harry_mckeown.

Becca Caddy