Drivology monitors your driving, giving you bigger insurance discounts the safer you are!

We love when a new idea comes along that is so simple we wonder why no one had thought of it before, and Drivology is exactly that. The app monitors how safe you drive, offering you bigger discounts on car insurance the safer a driver you are.

The app is free, and, once downloaded, automatically monitors your driving without you having to press anything. You then get a statement every three months, telling you how much you’ve saved. You also get feedback after every drive you do, telling you how you could improve the safety of your driving to save you money.

You have to be over 25 years old, have held a UK driving license for at least one year, and be a safe driver, obviously, to qualify for this insurance.

Drivology is offering users a 200 mile test drive using the app first, so that you can see how much money you could save on insurance, if you go through the app. We’re downloading it right now, only to see how much of a safe driver we really are.

Hayley Minn